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19th of January 2003 stands as a landmark in Powerfaith’s journey when a group of young, born-again Christians with a common vision for ministry to young people and a common passion, i.e., Christ, made its debut appearance.


Why Powerfaith? We came up with the name because of what it implies – our Faith in God and God’s power, and how when the two are brought together, the magnitude of its authenticity becomes more profound. We are genuinely in this belief that through our ordinary lives, our God will make extraordinary things happen. Our unshaken FAITH is all that’s needed for God’s POWER to be evident.

Powerfaith released their debut album “Testify” in the Month of December 2005. From this album, two songs were selected to be included in the First Indian Gospel Rock Album 2006. One of the songs was then air on the radio channel “Whitedove” which is one of the oldest gospel radio stations in the United States. 

Powerfaith aims at being a channel for History makers, people who are capable of creating positive in attitude, thought and action – an optimistic future which would be a remarkable U-turn from the pessimistic past we have been a part of – a history of disillusionment, corruption and hopelessness.

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